17 May 2021

What exciting Products Misar Trading has for you 2022?

Authenticity at Affordable prices

Your structural existence depends on a large scale on your choice of building material. So it becomes prominent to choose the branded, genuine quality products to develop a strong base. We are at Misar Trading Co. LLC will solve this issue for you. At Misar Trading Co.LLC, we cater to all your needs for building materials, hardware, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing materials in the UAE. We are trusted dealers renowned for our exceptional services and top-notch quality. Over the years, we have continuously evolved in innovation, creativity, and technology. We are stockists of famous brands such as Ferm, Heller Nedo, Brunox, Titan hand tools, and many DIY products and solutions.

How can our products add value to your business?

You might be struggling with this question? So to clear your doubt.Let me dive into it!

It is foremost for any construction to have durable, long-lasting,budget-friendly, readily available, and rigid material. Right?

So we provide you with your desired material to accomplish and kickstart your construction. Other than that, we have a dedicated group of experts to assist you in choosing the suitable material for your desired task. We have over 30 years of experience. Therefore, we are quite familiar with the requirements for a particular construction, which becomes an added benefit for our customers while dealing. 

Authenticity and availability is our priority. And so we pay keen attention to every order. Before proceeding with the delivery, our dedicated team of professionals tests the material in terms of reliability and effectiveness to yield our customers the best viable material. So there is no chance of any complaint in terms of material.

Order with ease at your convenience

Imagine you urgently need building material and cannot find the proper way to contact the supplier. How troublesome can it be?

So to make it easy for you. We have come up with our dedicated website at the You can browse our exclusive range of branded products at competitive prices here.  Moreover, we promise you quality, quick, hassle-free delivery, and excellent after-sales service. You can get everything from Hand Tools, Hardware Tools, Measuring and Testing Tools, Paint Supplies, and wall treatment to Safety, Building maintenance, Adhesives, Sealants, Paints, Packaging and Sealing, Fasteners, and joiners at Misar.

Top-Notch Products offered by us

  • National Paints

Painting and coating are some of the notable parts of any construction, requiring keen attention. We deal in all authentic coating, wall painting, and other products. We are National Paints Dealers in Sharjah, UAE, recognized for our fantastic quality, high degree of performance, and exceptional coating solutions at affordable prices. Our wide range of National Paints includes National Paint Water Based Wall Paint AED 90 and National Paint Water Based Wall Paint AED 35.Our National Wall Paints are environment-friendly, easy to apply, and have excellent coverage. The product we present you works well on Concrete, Wooden and Plaster, Gypsum Surfaces.

Our National Wall Paints are environment-friendly, easy to apply, and have excellent coverage. The product we present you works well on Concrete, Wooden and Plaster, Gypsum Surfaces.

  • Bosch Power Tools 

Have you ever heard of construction without the required tools quite Impossible! Right? Most luxurious projects demand precise and accurate tools. So to meet your authorized power tool needs, We are here as  Bosch Power Tools Dealers in Dubai, UAE. Our exclusive Bosch Power tools are famed in technology, cutting edge performance, durable and high quality. The power tools favored by us are rich in efficiency yielding maximum productivity. We cater to all your needs for Bosch Jigsaw Machine, Bosch Angle Grinder, Bosch Metal Cutting Disc, Bosch Jigsaw Blade Metal, Bosch Laser Measure, Bosch All-Paint Spray System, Bosch Gbh 2-26dre Rotary Hammer, Bosch T308B Jigsaw Blade Wood, etc.

  • Vaultex Safety Shoes 

Safety is the primary concern in any construction environment. Therefore, it becomes paramount to maintain safety in hazardous environments; protective clothing, shoes, and vests shield you from the risks in challenging environments. To solve your security and safety issues and to lead you and your employees with the feeling of trust and protection, we are here as Vaultex Safety Equipments Dealers in Dubai, UAE.

Our top-notch quality, versatile products are efficient, durable, long-lasting, and trustworthy. From Vaultex Safety Harness, Safety Gloves, Safety Shoes to safety Coverall, we deliver all your safety needs at budget-friendly prices beyond your expectations.

  • Honeywell Products 

Our innovative and comprehensive Honeywell Products are best in terms of providing safety. We bestow you as Honeywell Products Dealers in Dubai, UAE, with our exotic, innovative solutions keeping in mind your needs and budget. The Honeywell Products that we supply offer real-time safety intelligence, better work productivity, and operational intelligence. These authentic products enable the work to be continued smoothly and hassle-free.

Workplace hazards might affect the lungs, nose, eyes, face, and legs immensely. So to protect you and your staff from such threats, we have come up with a new Honeywell Products Collection. This collection contains Safety Glasses, Safety Gloves, Safety Goggles, Welding Helmets, Respirator Masks, Face Shields, etc.

  • Building Materials 

Building Materials are the backbone of any construction. It helps to make the construction easy and effortless. At Misar, we offer everything from quality, durability, long-lasting capacity to extraordinary services, quick delivery, etc. With time it has become essential to cope up with technology and innovations. We are a one-stop solution for all your building material needs. Over the years, we have made a mark as Building Materials Suppliers in Dubai, UAE with our dedication to detail and perfection.

  • Asmaco spray Paint

To serve you with various solutions, We are here as Asmaco Paint Dealers in Dubai, UAE. Asmaco Paints is essential for interior and exterior applications. The high-quality Paint presented by us dries quickly. Apart from this, our premium quality paints are highly durable and offer a smooth finish with a high gloss magnificent look. Our wide range of products comprises Asmaco Spray Paint, Asmaco Silicone Sealant, Asmaco PU Foam, Asmaco Zinc Spray, Asmaco PVC insulation tape, Asmaco Pipe wrapping tape, Asmaco aluminum tape, Asmaco Duct Tape, and Asmaco masking tape.

  • Haemmerlin Wheelbarrow 

The wheelbarrow has innumerable applications. It yields in moving rock, mulch, or compost to the garden, moving trees or large shrubs from one spot to another, hauling bricks, disposing of garden debris, or even mixing concrete or fertilizers. It makes carrying load easy from one destination to another. The Hammerlin Products favored to you by us are rigid and inflexible in terms of quality. We are leading Haemmerlin Wheelbarrow Dealers in Dubai, UAE. Its smooth and robust tip aids in making the unloading painless. Our Haemmerlin products consist of Haemmerlin WheelBarrow, Hammerlin Taboo Armchair, etc.

  • Makita Power Tools 

Your search for trusted Makita Power Tools Dealers in Dubai, UAE, ends here. Apart from Dubai, we are renowned in Sharjah And Abu Dhabi too for our high-end services. Our well-organized tools are designed by experts from Germany, France, Indian, And China. Our ISO-certified Makita Power Tool are famous for their accuracy and precision. Our marvelous tools have an extensive range of implementation in carpentry, welding, testing, and general hardware equipment. Our Makita Power Tool collection contains Makita Black and blue 140bar high-Pressure Washer, Makita Hammer Drill, Makita Impact Wrench, Makita Turquoise Impact Wrench, Makita Drywall ScrewDriver, Makita Tapper, Makita White Drill Press, Makita Silver Power Mixer, etc.

  • Dewalt Power Tools 

The search for top-quality power tools ends on Dewalt Power Tools. From automotive to construction to mechanical toolsets, we have distinguished Dewalt Power Tools to help you. The Dewalt power tools that we bestow you are faster and improves the degree of quality work. Our popular Dewalt products include Dewalt Heavy Duty Corded Blower, Dewalt Percussion Drill, Dewalt Abrasive Chop Saw, etc. In addition, we are renowned Dewalt Power Tools Dealers in Dubai UAE, rendering safe and reliable Dewalt Power Tools at pocket-friendly prices. 

  • Zamil ladder

 When it comes to long-lasting, rigid ladders, then you can depend on Zamil ladder suppliers in Dubai, UAE. Our five-star ladders are vastly used in governmental, domestic, and private projects. To accommodate small space efficiently, adjustable and strong A-type ladders should be chosen. If you are in search of a ladder for a construction unit, then Zamil Step Ladders is the right choice. Our best-selling ladders contain Zamil Step Ladder, Dpl Aluminum, and Zamil Extension Ladder Cdl Aluminum

  • Ferm Power Tools

We have an idea of how important it is to have a perfect crafting tool, So we are here as Ferm Power Tools Dealers in Dubai, UAE yielding you high performance and durable tools to give your work a well-furnished artistic look. Our exotic Ferm Power Tools incorporate Ferm Hot Airgun used in stripping Paint, felt roofing repairs, lighting barbecues, thawing frozen water pipes, Loosening rusted nuts and bolts, etc. Apart from this, our Ferm Power Tools collection also contains Ferm Impact Drill Machine, Ferm Chop Saw, Ferm Car Wash, and Polisher, etc.

  • Stanley Products

We are prominent Stanley Products Suppliers in Dubai, UAE. Our high-end Stanley Products have produced millions of hand planes, saws, rulers, try squares, chisels, screwdrivers, and many other types of consumer and industrial use tools. At Stanley, we give keen attention to innovation, technology, value, and quality. We are reputed worldwide for our artistic and creative Stanley Products. From Hand Tools, Power Tools to Tool Kit. You can get all authorized, top-notch Stanley Products from us.

  • Karcher Products

Desiring to buy Karcher Products to make your work fast and trouble-free? Come to Misar; We aid you as Karcher Products Suppliers in Dubai, UAE. Our efficient Karcher Products assist in Industrial Vacuuming / Dedusting Solutions, Window, and surface cleaning, Floor scrubbing/scrubber driers, Carpet cleaning, etc. Our Karcher Products contain Karcher High-Pressure Washer, Karcher Multi-purpose Vacuum cleaner, Karcher Electric broom, etc.

You can browse through more products on our website and can choose the best for you. Your satisfaction is our priority. Enquire about your desirable products at  +97142220456  or

Happy Constructing!