16 December 2020

Looking for a Building Materials Supplier to Kickstart your Construction Work?

Ideally, these days it's burdensome to find the best from thousands of options available! It’s a tough race, but you can achieve the best by choosing the best. Probably that can make your work a little easier!

8 things that you should always keep in mind before choosing any Industrial Material Suppliers!

  • Cost: You should see which company can provide you with the desired things with support to your pocket. i.e., budget-friendly!!

  • Climate: The material that can survive all extreme weather conditions should be your choice.

  • Durability: How long it would be beneficial for you because none of your customers wants the temporary benefits. They need something for the long run.

  • Availability: The material you choose should be easily available so that you can quickly get it the next time from anywhere on an urgent basis.

  • Sustainability: Choose sustainable options, which can be reused easily.

  • Maintenance: It’s useless to buy something for a penny and then spend dollars on it. So, keep in mind that the material you buy is easy to maintain.

  • Aesthetic appeal: Based on your customer and their need, choose the best available option to add value to your work.

  • Performance: Choose material that can perform well and can bear all load potentially. 

What Exactly is Misar About?

Misar is one of the leading Building Materials Suppliers in UAE renowned worldwide for its exceptional hardware, plumbing, and building materials. We are one of the most trusted LLC because of our commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to perfection. We have more than 30 years of experience and have satisfied happy customers with our exclusive branded products.

Why Choose Misar?

While buying anything, you should have an idea of why you are buying it and how it will add a different value to your work with your desired output. So, let me tell you how we are going to help you out by making it a win-win situation for both.

Quality Assurance: We check the products and give attention to all minute points from packaging till delivery, so there is hardly any chance of having any issue.

Dedication to service: After the product is delivered, you can reach back to us for any queries, and we will help you in the best possible way in the minimum time.

Cost-Effectiveness: We provide you the products that are budget-friendly as well as reliable.

Experience: We have experience which can help you to get the best in this field. Our experience can be a cherry on the cake for your development because we will even guide you with the best products apart from just providing them.

Can I get all kinds of Construction Tools at Misar?

You might be thinking this right now. So, let me clear you that Yes, you can get everything at Misar. Misar has made it so easy now! You can even visit Misar directly at to get the most effective solutions to all your requirements with the best competitive prices. No need for worrying about delivery too. Misar, the Industrial Material Suppliers will help you out with that too. We have divided our exclusive products into some categories to make your experience lively: It includes:

Hand Tools: No matter how far the technology goes and here are some of our evergreen tools that are: pliers, hammers and striking tools, finishing hand tools, cutting tools, benders, wrenches, etc. You can click below for more such tools.

Hardware: We can never imagine any construction work without nails and tarps, so here we are with the best durable tarps and nails to give you the perfect construction experience. Here we have Nails Screws Fastener and Tarps and Tarp Accessories.

Measuring and Testing: To give precision and accuracy to your construction, we brought to you our measuring and testing category, including airflow meter, distance measuring, process monitoring, light measuring, etc.

Paint Supplies and Wall Treatment: Have you ever seen a building or a home without colors? Not, as it would be incomplete without it!! Right? So, to add colors to your creativity, we have come up with some of these prominent options: paint and primer, brushes, rollers and trays, automotive paints and coatings, paint mixers, shakers, and accessories, etc.

Safety: As we all have heard, health is wealth, so to keep you safe with hygiene, we have hand sanitizer, shoes, fire protection, head protection, fall protection, hearing protection, etc.

Building Maintenance: As we all know that it’s difficult to maintain hygiene in public places, so to assist you in that, we have cleaning equipment and machines, trash, and recycling, cleaning products, etc.

Adhesives, Sealants, and Tapes: To make your work look good and more pleasing, we have some of these prominent options like foam, tapes, dispensing gum, sealants thread, and gasket sealants, adhesives, and glues.

Packaging And Sealing: To make your packaging and sealing last long, we have stretch wraps.

Fasteners and Joining: To fasten your joining and to minimize your effort, we have anchors, bolts, rivets, screws, nuts, washers, nails, etc.


Being construction material suppliers, we give utmost importance to make your work seamless with the most creative and innovative solutions. We pride to commit you that we won’t let you down in any manner. So, you can choose us without any hesitation. Your decision can make you achieve boulders, so choose wisely. For more details, you can contact us at +971 4 2220456, or you can mail us directly at



23 September 2020

Top 5 Must Have Woodworking  Tools Everyone Should Own

There are five woodworking tools that beginning woodworkers need to have on hand when they are just starting. Thankfully, the majority of them are relatively inexpensive. With these five tools, beginners can undertake quite some woodworking projects.


Circular Saw

Some individuals think about the circular saw as less of a fine woodworking tool and more of a carpentry tool; however, this is not necessarily so. There is arguably no other essential handheld power tool as versatile as a circular saw. When paired with a clamp-on straight-edge, this tool can virtually be as precise as a table saw. Additionally, it can handle quite a number of the tasks that would be attempted with a table saw. This is especially true when it comes to cutting medium-density fiberboard, plywood or other sheet goods. When attempting woodworking on a budget, the first handheld power tool bought should be a quality circular saw. This is because it is likely to be the most useful when getting started.


Miter Saw

After choosing the perfect table saw for your needs, you should consider the miter saw as your next major purchase. While not as costly as a good-quality table saw, the best miter saw is remarkable for compound angled cuts like mitered, beveled and combination cuts. Once your capacity to make accurate cuts with a miter saw has been developed, you will find that the circular saw does not get as much use as before.

Owning a miter saw has so many uses for finish carpentry, crown molding and trim. Be sure to look for a miter saw that has features such as Double bevel, radial arm slide and can cut beyond 45-degree angles. Visit Protool Zones in-depth miter saw reviews as they cover every feature thoroughly in layman's terms.



Jigsaw is another excellent tool for the beginner. It enables the user to cut circular and curved patterns in stock. It is highly likely that a band saw can cut thicker stock and will be more precise; however, the jigsaw, for the beginner, can be seamlessly useful. When it comes to versatility, go for a corded, orbital-action jigsaw with an easy blade changing system and one that feels comfortable in your hand.


Table Saw

Once the three previously mentioned handheld power tools had been acquired and you have become comfortable with using them, it will be time to purchase your first and possibly most essential woodworking tool the table saw. This tool is the nucleus of every woodworking shop and the focus around which all other pieces of equipment are organized and used. As such, you will want to purchase the best table saw within your budget. Spend time to become knowledgeable about the features you want and find the table saw that is most suitable for your needs. A bit of research will reveal the most common features and assist you in determining the features needed. Additionally, you will learn how to identify whether those features are well built or merely added on because they are popular selling features.


Cordless Drill

The popularity of cordless power drills is mainly due to their usefulness and portability. Typically, power drills are available in two different sizes: the ½-inch and 3/8-inch. The size is about the dimension of the chuck, and it indicates the most significant diameter bit that can be accommodated by the drill. For the most part, a 3/8-inch will be adequate; however, if you need to drill larger holes or merely want additional power regularly, you can consider investing more money and getting an ½-inch model.


12 July 2020

Top 4 Most Popular Power Tools Brand in 2020?


Professional power tools are designed for innovation. The ease of handling power tools ensures that DIY enthusiasts and professionals can quickly perform their job without any hassle. They always keep you one step ahead with the highest speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Each robust power tool is engineered for optimum handling and performance and manages even the most challenging jobs. These power tools will enhance your creativity, whether redeveloping, designing furniture, or looking to remodel your place. Inaccurate work equals incomplete work. Similarly, construction industry work remains incomplete until the right tools are employed to take over the job. For a long time, power tools were convenient resources for diverse sectors, benefiting employees from various backgrounds.

Power tools with unique features like electric motors help eliminate stressful, manual work power tools and building materials are used for manufacturing purposes globally. These high-performance, sturdy industrial tools are one of the most widely used products for construction purposes. Power tools see exciting developments and innovations spring up in their supremacy of the tool market with new models of available technologies and some completely new tools.

Let us look at the four most popular power tool Brands in 2020:

Bosch Power Tool

One of the industry's most respected names, Bosch power tools, is known for its reliability and longevity. Each Bosch power tool is designed to the highest performance requirements, from outstanding concrete and carpentry equipment to revolutionary cordless engineering.


From automotive parts and power tools to security devices and diagnostic tools, Bosch provides the broadest range of products to enhance user experience. Cordless instruments from Bosch fit all of your power needs. The cord-free design allows users to work without restrictions while using lithium-ion batteries to deliver maximum run time. 


Power source charging is a piece of cake with the Bosch fast-charging system. The range of cordless power tools includes cordless drills, hammer drills, wrenches, rotating saws, impact drivers, scrapers, rotary hammers, shock wrenches, and power tool attachments.


Makita Power Tools

Makita power tools are an excellent option for enthusiasts in home renovations and certified construction professionals together. If you are installing drywall, demo concrete or need tools for Hobby projects at home, Makita has the strength, accuracy, and user-friendliness you need.

Makita offers various power tools, including cordless tools, outdoor power supplies, hand tools, bench tools, concrete tools, air tools, etc. Many Makita power tools are built, keeping longevity and user comfort in mind and feature all-metal construction and intuitive handles. Plenty also includes integrated LED lights for convenience in lighting conditions areas and tool cases or belt clips for easy navigation.


DeWalt Power Tools

DeWalt is a trusted name that delivers optimal efficiency and remains a preferred option for skilled and home carpenters. DeWalt offers some of the best high performance, high-quality power tools, equipment, and accessories in the industry.

It provides various industry-leading tools, including cordless tools, skilled power tools, outdoor power tools, hand tools, heated clothing, power tool accessories, etc.


The cordless power tools from DeWalt are 100% battery-powered, eliminating the trouble of using gas, compressors, and hoses. DeWalt hand tools offer the same level of quality as power tools and in the toughest of circumstances. The hand tools support homebuilders, plumbers, drywall hangers, and all other building trades. The increasingly broad collection of hand tools includes screwdrivers, pliers, clamps, and more. DeWalt storage, equipment, and power tool range make your work at site efficient and functional. 


FERM Power Tools

FERM is an international power tool manufacturing company in the Netherlands. Ferm power tools and building materials are used for manufacturing applications around the world. FERM plays its best game to design the most reliable quality power tools that can be widely used in chopping, digging, sanding, cutting, grinding, and milling. FERM power tools are designed and tested to stringent specifications, keeping in mind the current safety criteria. They are one of the most widely used items for construction purposes: their high performance and sturdiness make them stand out in the crowd.


12 July 2020

The Importance of Safety Equipment in the workplace

Safety equipment provides additional work environment protection to employees whenever all other safety steps are applied. Training throughout the use of security machines are essential, in order to ensure that equipment gives as much protection while possible.


Popular safety equipment in several workplaces includes gloves, headgear, goggles, safety boots, listening to protectors, respirators and high-visibility clothing. There are many specialist safety products available for specific places of work, such as those applying UV or infra-red lighting or radiation.


Why Safety Equipment Required?

Even if workplaces are manufactured as safe as feasible, risks can still continue to be. These risks include injury to the head or foot from falling objects evento your skin which may possibly come into contact along with corrosive chemicals such as acids. The eyes might also be at danger from dust and some other particles, or even coming from liquid splashes.


Working throughout an extremely hot or frosty environment can increase the particular risk of injury or even ill-health and safety tools such as thermal hand safety gloves or aluminized gloves are usually critical in protecting the particular hands from temperature extreme conditions.


Choosing Safety Equipment

Just before you choose safety Equipment, it is important in order to consider whether it will be suitable for the work, whether it offers the particular right level of safety and what training and even maintenance is necessary. Products need to always be marked in order to be compliant with typically the relevant legislations, usually denoted with a CE showing.


It is often beneficial for users to choose their own equipment instead of managers, as this guarantees that equipment fits correctly and is not as well heavy. If various bits of PPE are required, after that it can also be important that these fit together, since otherwise a helmet might disturb the fit involving goggles.


Storing And Preserving Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment  needs storing correctly whenever not being used. It requires keeping clean and becoming well protected, with selected individuals having responsibility regarding regularly checking equipment safety. If equipment like filters need changing, they should always satisfy the same safety standards since the originals.


The nature associated with some industries means that even when every individual remembers to protect by harm, often there is a security risk to employees. Mainly because as well as

providing the particular right safety equipment in order to help minimize risks, workers need training to make sure that they will always use safety products properly in the work environment.


Misar Trading Co. LLC is the most trusted Safety Equipment  Suppliers in Dubai, UAE. with a 30-year historical past of high-level customer services. Popularly known as Misar we cater for many of the civil companies, interior contractors and top rated companies in both professional and industrial sectors. As your partner in workplace safety, we understand that modern-day business exists in some sort of world of risk. No matter how large or even small your business, all of us know it's crucial regarding you to be up to date with current safety policies while staying productive and defending your bottom line.